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Edrolo is a new kind of online SAT preparation course designed by perfect scorers.

Join 1,352 students who have increased their SAT score by over 200 points

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Olivia V.

College Matriculated: Harvard
“Edrolo taught me strategies that significantly boosted my SAT. It's hard to explain how much it helps.”
Before Edrolo After Edrolo
Writing 580 710 +130
Reading 680 750 +70
Math 700 780 +80
Overall 1960 2240 +280
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Joe C.

College Matriculated: Yale
“Before Edrolo I had taken the Sat 3 times and my scores had always been between 1600 and 1750. I took a prep course from College board before my first test and studied on my own for the other two. After Edrolo I scored a 700 in reading, a 690 in math, and a 760 in writing (10 on the essay).”
Before Edrolo After Edrolo
Writing 600 760 +160
Reading 570 700 +130
Math 580 690 +110
Overall 1750 2150 +400

240+ Score Improvement Guarantee

Edrolo Online SAT Prep works. More than 1000 students have improved their scores by 240+ points on the SAT. If you or your child's SAT score does not improve by 240+ points on their next SAT test, we will give you your money back, guaranteed.*

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50% Usage Guarantee

Many parents worry their children won't use an online product. We understand that concern completely, that is why we will give any parent their money back if their child does not use more than 50% of our product. Students love Edrolo. More than 90% watch 10+ hours of content within the first few weeks, so rest easy.*

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Who we are

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Lisa Tian

Your main presenter and teacher

Lisa scored a perfect 2400 and went on to study Economics at Yale. Since then, she’s tutored hundreds of students through the SAT, and into the college course they’ve been dreaming about.

Lisa’s track record speaks for itself:

  • 58% of students score above 2150
  • Average score increase is 320 points
The team at Edrolo

In the United States and Australia the team at Edrolo have been helping tens of thousands of students get into the college of their dreams for over five years. Over the years Edrolo have raised over US$1 million dollars from investors.

Meet online tutor Lisa Tian as she explains how Edrolo works


The Edrolo game plan

We cater to students with scores from 1400 all the way to the upper 2000s.

Step 1. Learn our Edrolo Strategies via interactive video lessons

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    SAT Reading

    • 5 Question Answer Techniques
    • 250 Word Vocab Bootcamp
    • 100 Critical Reading drill questions
  • Reading icon

    SAT Writing

    • 20 grammar rules
    • 3 question strategies
    • ‘How to get a 10’ Essay Lesson
    • 300 SAT Writing drill questions
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    SAT Math

    • 30 lessons
    • 30 Unique Edrolo 30 sec strategies
    • 300 SAT Math drill questions

Increase 200+ points

Step 2. Practice SAT questions while building muscle memory with our quick drills and quizzes

Increase 250+ points

Step 3. Boost confidence by taking our SAT exams under time pressured conditions

Increase 300+ points

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What makes Edrolo different?

Edrolo Kaplan & Princeton Review
Methodology Believes best way to prepare for SAT is by learning time saving strategies and tactics to apply while practicing SAT questions. Believes best way to prepare for SAT is by answering countless practice questions and exams
  • Learn strategies that apply directly to the SAT.
  • Teaches how to memorize and apply maximum scoring tips for SAT regardless of student’s beginning level.
  • Review general rules taught in high school
  • Breaks down general principles of subjects to teach basics that only high achievers can utilize.
  • Interactive video lessons
  • Integrated quiz questions in lesson
  • Walkthrough for wrongly answered questions
  • Measured progress at the end of each lesson
  • Non interactive video lessons
  • Separate quiz questions
  • No walkthrough for wrongly answered questions
  • No accountability of student’s progress at the end of each lesson

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