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Frequently asked questions


What is the Edrolo score increase guarantee?

If Edrolo SAT doesn't improve your total score, we'll give you a full refund! The reason is we deliver.* Find out how the guarantee works.


Who is Edrolo for?

Edrolo is an online product for busy students who may not have the time to devote to a tutor, or simply prefer a tool for studying that fits more into their active lifestyle. We target mid year sophomores, juniors and seniors who understand the basics of grammar, math, and reading comprehension. Our students are ready to learn how to master the SAT with tips and tricks not explained anywhere else.


Can I use Edrolo any time I want?

Being an online product you can start using Edrolo as soon as you buy it. Edrolo has interactive video lessons with real time feedaback. They are ‘on-demand’ and avaiable 24/7. You can watch lessons and do questions as many times as you like and Edrolo works on Smartphone, Tablets and Computers.


Who is Edrolo built by?

Edrolo is an international Online Education company with operations in the US and Australia. We partner with the best educators from around the world to build online courses that deliver amazing results.


Who are the videos taught by?

The videos are taught by Lisa, she got a perfect SAT and has tutored SAT for over 7 years. She teaches all of the lessons, strategies and questions in the Edrolo SAT product.


What do the Edrolo courses contain?

The Edrolo online course has 72 interactive online lessons, Section Quizzes, 50 vocab words, and 3 practice exams. It is divided into four sections; each section has an arsenal of lessons, quizzes and strategies specific to maximizing your score in those areas on the SAT, see chart below:

  • Writing
    • 20 tricky grammar rules
    • 5 question types
    • 3 Quizzes
    • The Essay
  • Math
    • 30 tricky math question types
    • 3 Quizzes
  • Critical Reading
    • 50 difficult vocab words
    • 6 difficult question type
    • Quizzes
  • 3 Full Tests

How long will it take to work through all of the materials?

There 3 broad sections to Edrolo SAT:

  1. Edrolo Lessons and Strategies - there are 72 of these and they take ~31 hours to do.
  2. Edrolo Vocab - we have build memory mnemonics for the 250 most difficult SAT words. This will take ~2 hours.
  3. Exams and Quizzes. It depends on how many exams you want to take but if you want to do everything it will take 15 hours.

What is a recommended study plan with Edrolo?

  • An ideal study plan would be over the 12 weeks leading up to your SAT test.
  • We recommend 5+ hours a week of study.
  • You should cover all the lessons and strategies in Edrolo in the first 6 - 8 weeks.
  • After this we recommend doing quizzes and full SAT tests and recapping lessons and strategies where you need to.

Where do the lessons and quiz questions come from?

Our online lessons and quizzes use modified real questions to teach and drill the strategies. For example with Mathematics we modify the numbers in the questions, however the actual structure is exactly the same.

For full tests we use the official practice tests used by the College Board, example here. The most important part to doing well on the SAT is knowing how to do each question and having strategies to get them done in a minute or less. What we do is provide answers to every question from the SAT and then link the questions to our Lessons and Strategies so students can get more practice with a specific question type, answer the types of questions the SAT asks and learn to do this in the most time efficient manner.


Why is Edrolo better than other college online courses?

Edrolo is only SAT product that focuses on strategies to help systematically improve your performance by providing memorization techniques & exposing the system the SAT uses to trick you.

We see the major points of difference the following way:

  • Methodology:
    • Edrolo: Believes best way to prepare for SAT is by learning time saving strategies and tactics to apply while practicing SAT questions.
    • Kaplan & Princeton Review: Believes best way to prepare for SAT is by answering countless practice questions and exams.
  • Content:
    • Edrolo: Learn strategies that apply directly to the SAT. Teaches how to memorize and apply maximum scoring tips for SAT regardless of student’s beginning level.
    • Kaplan & Princeton Review: Review general rules taught in highschool. Breaks down general principles of subjects to teach basics that only high achievers can utilize.
  • Teaching:
    • Edrolo: Interactive video lessons. Integrated quiz questions in lesson. Walkthrough for wrongly answered questions. Measured progress at the end of each lesson
    • Kaplan & Princeton Review: Non interactive video lessons. Seperate quiz questions. No walkthrough for wrongly answered questions. No accountability of student’s progress at the end of each lesson.

My score is below 1650, can Edrolo really help me?

Yes. We have had many students starting below 1650 improve strongly. Take Beck W., she started at 1580 (CR: 600, W: 550, M: 430) and after Edrolo improved 400 points to 1980 (CR: 700, W: 670, M: 610).


My score is 2000, do I really need a product like Edrolo?

Yes. Students who range in the 2000s find it MOST difficult to increase their score, and actually need more attention than students who score lower. The 2000-2400 range is conidered the “Edrolo plateu,” we have taken time to create strategies specifically for students who are in this range. For example Holly E., starting at 2040 (CR: 730, W: 600, M: 710) ended at 2200 after Edrolo (CR: 740, W: 710, M: 750). Check our her testimonial here:


Students often plateau for two reasons generally:

  1. They are running out of time on the SAT. Edrolo has specifically built a strategy for every medium or harder question to be able to do it in less than 60 seconds.
  2. Students consistently get a few question types wrong, for instance they don’t know some of the ‘tricky’ grammar rules the SAT loves to test, and so when they see the answers they cannot even explain why one answer is wrong. This is where Edrolo lessons and strategies come in and help.

I am a parent, can I buy this product for my child?

You most certainly can. Just purchase the product on the pricing page


How should I study using Edrolo?

Watch each lesson video and try each question to the best of your ability. Don’t worry if you feel that the questions are hard. They are designed from the hardest real SAT questions.


If I have more questions before I buy, can I contact someone?

Yes! Please call us on 1855 554 6169, email help@edrolo.com or send us a chat message.


If I don’t understand a video segment, can I get more help?

Of course! Our support is available 24/7 in the chat window on every page, or by emailing help@edrolo.com or calling 1855 554 6169.


Will Edrolo work for me if my second language is English?

We have seen strong score improvements from student scoring ~370 or higher on Writing and Critical Reading. If you are score below 350 on these sections often the reason is that there are large gaps in English knowledge that need to be filled with more general English learning. So if you are scoring about ~370 try our free lessons to see if you learn from them. If so, we'll very likely be able to help you!


Does Edrolo work on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone?

Edrolo works on all devices


As a parent, can I check how much my child is using Edrolo and how they are going?

One of the great things about Edrolo is that both parents and students can see exactly what lessons they have watched, not watched, which questions they got wrong / right, how many attempts and any questions flagged to review again! All you need to do is log into your account, you can see a summary from the account page, and you can see details inside any of the sections. For parents to view progress they just need to login with the same account details as their child.


How is the SAT Broken Down?

The SAT is broken down into 3 sections:

  • Writing
    • 20 tricky grammar rules
    • 5 question types
  • Math
    • 30 tricky math question types
  • Critical Reading
    • The Essay
    • 250 difficult vocab words
    • 6 difficult question type

Why is the SAT so difficult?

The SAT tests easy concepts in hard ways. It tests in ways that many students have not seen at school before, this is why often straight A students can score poorly on the SAT. You need to learn how the SAT asks questions, and how to answer each question in less than 1 minute. The core place that Edrolo students increase their SAT score is through our lessons and strategies that teach them how the SAT asks questions and how to answer these questions in less than 1 minute.


What separates great scorers from average scorers?

To do well at the SAT there are really two parts, you need to know basic theory and then how the SAT tests this.

The SAT consists of 3 sections: Critical Reading, Math & Writing. Each section is out of 800 and the average for each section is ~480-510. If you are scoring 400 or more then you likely know all the basic theory you need. After this it is just knowing how the SAT tests the core theory.

In our experience great scorers know the second component well, they know how the SAT tests knowledge. Average scorers don’t. Again, this is why straight A students can score averagely, they do not know how to do the SAT, they just know the core theory. It is absolutely crucial to know how to answer the types of questions the SAT ask and how to do this in the most time efficient manner.


What gives students the biggest SAT point gains?

There are 4 main reasons students miss points on the test:

  1. Don't know how to answer X types of questions (these question types are the 20 tricky grammar rules, 5 Writing question types, 30 tricky Math types, 6 Reading question types. For instance a student might not know about 15 question / strategies).
  2. Running out of time.
  3. Vocab holes. It is not uncommon for students to gain 100+ points from mastering vocab.
  4. Careless mistakes (misreading, miscalculating, second-guessing themselves, over thinking etc).

There are 4 parts to Edrolo SAT.

  • Part 1: Video lessons on SAT specific theory and strategies that have inbuilt interactive drills with real time feedback.
  • Part 2: Quizzes for each of the three sections: Math, Writing and Critical Reading.
  • Part 3: Full exams.
  • Part 4: Vocab and Essay.

The first two reasons that students miss points (1. Don't know how to answer X types of questions & 2. running out of time) are covered in Parts 1&2 of Edrolo SAT. This is where the vast majority of point gains come from.

  • Students scoring in the 1200-1400 might not know how to answer 15 question types and be answering 15 in ways that take them 2-3 minutes per question. Parts 1&2 of Edrolo solve both of these for students.
  • Students scoring in the 2100s might just be running out of time and missing ~5 question types. Again, Edrolo will help here.

As mentioned above it is not uncommon for Vocab to be where students lose 100+ points, here we have vocab bootcamp where we use mnemonics memory devices so students can remember words with 1-2 exposures.

Full exams are for weeding out careless mistakes and building ‘muscle memory’ to implement Edrolo lessons and strategies.


What part of the SAT does the average student struggle with most?

It really varies, often student will be weak in one of the three sections (ie either Math, Writing or Critical Reading) and need to focus here. Some students know how to do every question but really struggle to finish in the given time. Other students have 90% of things in place and just need the final pieces for the last 100-200 points.


What should I not do for SAT prep?

We think about this more as what are the hard and easy ways to go about SAT Prep. Many many students study for the SAT by doing test after test. We have found that this is the most inefficient, or hardest way to improve your score. You need to learn how to answer SAT questions and how to answer them quickly, this is what we teach in Parts 1&2 of Edrolo SAT (see above). By doing test after test students often make the same mistakes over and over again and / or try to optimise the current way they do questions when they need to fundamentally change their approach.


Why is it important to score well?

Of course getting a strong SAT is crucial to your College application. It won’t guarantee you entry but often having a poor SAT can mean that your application won’t even be considered.

On top of this getting a strong SAT can often mean you are entitled to a scholarship. We often have students who come to Edrolo already scoring well, eg 2100, and they want another 150 - 200 points so they can be eligible for scholarships. Unless you have a 2400 there is room to improve. Scholarship eligibility criteria varies for each College so please look at each schools website.


What scores are the top schools looking for?

Please note that table and ranges change from year to year. Here are indicative levels for 2013 as per (source: National Center for Educational Statistics)

Reading Math Writing
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
Brown 660 760 650 770 670 780
Columbia 700 780 700 790 700 790
Cornell 640 740 670 780 - -
Dartmouth 670 780 680 780 680 790
Harvard 700 800 710 790 710 800
Princeton 700 790 710 800 710 800
U Penn 660 760 690 780 680 770
Yale 700 790 700 800 710 790

There are 3 major factors that are needed to get accepted into different schools: SAT, GPA and Application Essay. Every element is needed. However a score of 2150 or higher is generally accepted as a level where you would be able to get into a top 10 school. Obviously the higher the score the better.

We are very proud to say that 58% of Edrolo students score 2150 or higher.


What is one on one private tutoring?

On top of our Online SAT product Edrolo provides 1:1 tutoring via skype with a perfect SAT tutor. We have a number of students who like having 1:1 interaction along with the online product.


Who is tutoring me? / Can I trust my tutor?

Yes, all of our tutors are perfect scorers on the SAT and went on to attend Columbia, Yale & Harvard.


I am a parent looking for a tutor, can Edrolo help me?

Yes, and no. Our program is based on years of insight that tutors have found out while working with students. It is an affordable and interactive tutor alternative. And we offer 5 hours of one on one tutoring as a bonus to our packages. But Edrolo is not a site that offers or provides private tutoring lessons outside of our online courses.


Edrolo has two different packages, which is the best one for me?

The 3 packages are:

  • Basic: One sections - Online - $199
  • Standard: All sections - Online - $499
  • Deluxe: All sections - Online + 5 hours of 1:1 tutoring - $1599

If you are wanting to improve in all sections and don’t feel you need 1:1 help then we recommend ‘Standard: All sections - Online’.

If you want the best we can offer, then get Deluxe. You get the full online product and 5 hours of 1:1 tutoring from a perfect score tutor.


Can I change packages if I decide I want to change?

We have a 7 day money back guarantee no questions asked. So if you happen to change your mind then we are happy to oblige. After the 7 day period, you can always upgrade packages, so if you started with ‘Single section - online’ then you upgrade to ‘All sections -Online’ or ‘Deluxe’. You only need to pay the difference between the two packages. To upgrade simply email help@edrolo.com