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Edrolo will not be building a study product for the new SAT

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  • Score Improvement Guarantee
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240+ score guarantee

180+ Score Guarantee

If Edrolo SAT doesn't improve your total score by 240 points or more, we'll give you a full refund! As far as we know this is the highest score guarantee of any SAT Prep out there, the reason is we deliver*.

All Edrolo Packages consist of 3 parts:

Students typically see 75% point gains in this section alone

  • Reading icon

    SAT Reading Package

    • 6 Question Answer Techniques
    • 50 VocabWords Bootcamp
    • 100 Critical Reading drill questions
  • writing icon

    SAT Writing Package

    • 20 Interactive Grammar Lessons
    • 3 Question Answer Techniques
    • ‘How to get a 12’ Essay Lesson
    • 300 SAT Writing drill questions
  • math icon

    SAT Math Package

    • 30 Interactive Math Lessons
    • 30 Unique Edrolo strategies
    • 300 SAT Math drill questions

Students typically see 10-15% point gains in this section

Edrolo quizzes are the second component of Edrolo SAT prep and are comprised of 2 parts.

Part 1: Interactive quizzes

Included in each lesson to help the student gauge his or her level of understanding while watching the lesson. Incase the student needs a recap, each quiz question has a video answer walkthrough.

Part 2: Section Quizzes

At the end of each grouping of lessons to test the student’s overall understanding. Each section quiz has a random assortment of different questions that highlight different strategies learned. Each question has a video answer walkthrough and a link back to the accompanying lesson for the student to watch again.

Students typically see 10-15% point gains in this section

Full Tests are the last part of Edrolo test Prep

We don’t suggest students look at this section until they have a clear understanding of all the strategies across all three SAT subjects (or one subject for basic plan users). What differentiates a full test from the section quizzes is that the test takes a realistic mixture questions from all 3 subjects (The full test for basic plan users includes a longer variety of questions based on that one subject based on the test). If the student gets a question wrong, there is a video answer walkthrough and a link to the corresponding strategy. The full test portion of Edrolo helps students build muscle memory to solve questions with consistency and speed.

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